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16 May 2010

Monica + Bongga

A couple of nights ago, my sister and I were talking about something random.

She was on the bed, I was on my throne in front of the laptop.

Monica was just prancing around the room with her iPod.

So I told my sister, "Wow, bongga naman."  We were just having our usual conversation.
Then Monica cut me short and said,

"Mommy, what's bongga, huh?  What it means?"

We laughed.
My answer,

"Bongga means spectacular, fabulous, exquisite."

Monica says, "Oh.."
Now don't lecture me on the type of words I used to define bongga to my almost 3-year old kid.
She then talked some more and said,

"Exquisite means something special, like fabulous is beautiful."

My daughter is a walking dictionary. It's true.
She likes playing word definitions.

I give her a word and she defines it in the simplest form.

In one of her arte poses. Photo taken May 9, 2010

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