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13 May 2010

Post For A Living 25/ Torrent

Let's kick this off with some torrent lovin'

You see, even if I almost died from writing, I still got to listen to some of my favorite stations waiting for my favorite songs to be played.

I was able to download a few tracks and albums. Just to keep me sane.

There is one song that I have been looking for almost a decade now.
I have been scouring the web for torrents search for this particular song.

I can't even find a decent video of it.

Dreamwalking by Lee Ritenour

The song goes something like this,

"I wish that you could be dreamwalking along with me."

I'm not losing hope.
Whoever can read this and you have a copy of this, please share it with me and I will forever be grateful.

I will love you forever!

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