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13 May 2010

Post For A Living 26/ Online Games plus Milestones

Monica has been playing online games these past few weeks. Maybe it's time for me to introduce her to miniclip.  I don't think giving her all this privileges will bring out the worst in her.  She's actually very easy to talk to.  Very manageable.  Besides I only give her the "educational" games.

Her day revolves around watching Playhouse Disney, to playing with her toys in our room, to playing with her iPod touch, then to playing on my laptop, and playing with me in between.

Have I told you she's bilingual? Hahahaha.
Meaning she can do MAC and PC.

She knows how to handle dialog boxes in both platforms and even closing or minimizing the windows.  With MAC, she doesn't panic when she exposes all windows.

She knows how adjust the volume and the brightness.
Sometimes she'd say,
"Mommy, it's too bright.  Let me fix it."

Here she is on my mom's laptop. Photo taken last month.

And on my laptop typing her name and a few other words. Photo taken March 15, 2010

To say that I am proud is an understatement.
A couple of weeks before turning three, she can now read time.
She can spell basic words now.

Even if her cousins don't understand how to share and take turns, she's not influenced by them.
Although sometimes I feel bad for her, when the cousins won't share with her.

She knows her left and right.
Using fork and spoon is so easy and natural for her.

I can go on and on about her milestones.

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