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23 May 2010

Post For A Living 28/ Invisalign

Here I am, exhausted from a full day of cleaning our little room.  I am debating with myself if I should watch "One More Chance" tonight.  Just like everybody else, I love its storyline.

The script. Wow.  

Another wow...
Why am I composing such short and simple sentences?? Can't I get any intellectual than this??  How come I commit a few spelling errors?  What is wrong with me?

I'm probably not in the mood.  That or I find it hard to focus on just one emotion I SHOULD be feeling now.  I don't wanna blog it yet until I've fully embraced THAT emotion.

So what made me think about watching One More Chance?  I saw a video in Facebook and got inspired.  (and I want to see if the leading lady really went to an austin invisalign dentist).

I'll probably just finish a couple of posts and if the kids are still sound asleep, I might just go ahead and watch it.

I'm in the mood to cry. Hahahaha!!!

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