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26 May 2010

Post For A Living 30/ Vanities

Just because something exciting is about to happen. My mind is overflowing (yet again!) with the weirdest and out-of-the-blue thoughts (think bathroom vanities) Hahaha!

No, really, ze husband and I, we have a thing for bath vanity.  We imagine our future home having the most sparkly clean bathroom.  The type where we can sleep in it.  We want it with lots of mirrors, just because we're both vain.  We don't really care about having separate sinks. We love to share everything.  And maybe a bathroom Vanity Chair would be a nice touch.

I really think that how a bathroom looks like reflects a lot about a person.  (Hmm, did I say that right?)
From the products that you use for your body down to how a bathroom is maintained shows the owner's personality.  And really, I cannot do the deed when a bathroom is untidy or stinky.

Call me finicky, call me choosy, call me whatever you like, that's how I am. Peace!

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