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26 May 2010

Post For A Living 31/ Video

May 25, 2010

Today, I had a share of a pleasant surprise.  As I was wandering in Market!Market!, I got a text from my bestfriend that she will be in the area to meet up with our close friend.  This friend of ours, Joebelle, she manages this photo-video production outfit that her husband or in-laws own.

Naturally, we never run out of things to talk about.  We all had our own agenda for the day but can't seem to let go of one another.  So we decided to take a quick snack in McDonald's.

We were in the middle of our yummy cheeseburgers when a super familiar face approached our table.  It was another friend from high school!  Feeling a bit sentimental and overwhelmed that we were there on one table talking about our present lives.  It was a reunion of friendship.  The meeting was short and ended sweet.  How I wish we could always bump into one another or maybe we can have playdates for the kids.  Or probably we can roam around malls and have a fine time talking about everything.

A photo to remember the fortunate incident

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