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26 May 2010

Post For A Living 32/ Salt Lamps

Honest, in my 25 years of existence, I have never heard about Himalayan Salt Lamps until now.

I was intrigued right away and Googled it (of course! what else would I do here at home)

Himalayan Salt is a type of rock found on the foothills of Himalayan mountains and the colors can range from really light orange to dark pink.  converted into a lamp, the Himalayan salt is made hollow inside to accommodate a light bulb.  Due to its naturally bright color, it is a great accent for any home.  People often place this lamp in living rooms or dining area--wherever there are always people.

The light it emits also gives a relaxing effect to consumers.  It is also said that a Himalayan Salt Lamp is a good alternative for an electric air purifier.  However, it is never meant to treat or cure diseases.

The price usually starts at $40 for the small one.

*This post has been sponsored.

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