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26 May 2010

Post For A Living 34/ Swimwear

Summer will officially be over soon.
That only means our first ever family outing is up next!

When I booked the tickets, I immediately searched for Ladies Designer Swimwear. I have several pairs already but I can't seem to have enough.  It's not as if I go to the beach regularly.

Because I'm weird, I just like seeing Women's Swimwear Bikinis in my drawers.  Tankinis and one-piece swimsuits are not really my thing.  Maillots are nice to have but they seem too complicated for me and my kids.  I can't imagine myself wearing it while I'm taking care, running after my kids.  Wardrobe malfunction to the max!  Hahahaha!!

Women's One Piece Swimwear, together with padded and underwired tops are NO-NOs for me.  I don't mind or I don't care if other women prefer to use them, but for me, NO, THANK YOU!

Oh yes, my issues in life.  More like shallow issues.

Colorful two-piece bikinis are what I like.  If I had to choose solid colors, it would either be white, black, or red.  But I'm leaning more on white. As for the brand, I'm really not picky.  I never had Roxy or Billabong.  The prints of Earth Angel, Zimmerman, Tigerlily, and other Australian brands are really nice.  As long as the print is unique, that's okay.  Nothing too mass-produced or commercialized for me. Hahaha.

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