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19 May 2010

What's The Word On The Street

So I've mentioned that Monica is a little walking dictionary.

Our game/conversation goes something like this,

ME: Ok, what's the word on the street? Pumpernickel. What does Pumpernickel mean?
MONICA: answers

Here are a few words that she can define without much effort.
Monica: Uhm, Pumpernickel is a kind of bread and its brown.
ME: How do you make pumpernickel bread?
Monica: You need water, flour, and egg.

Monica: Habitat is where you live

Monica: Glockenspiel is a xylophone

Monica: Hmm, a shape with 8 sides. (then she counts 1-8)

Monica: Pirouette is like you dance ballet. You turn around like this (does pirouette)

Monica: Toss is throwing. T-O-S-S, toss.  That's how you spell toss Mommy.

Monica: Half is when you break into two. Like sandwich so you can share. (gestures with her two pointer fingers)

Monica: It means, it's not straight. Like hair.

Monica: Stuck means you cannot take it out

Monica: Persistent means keep trying and trying until you get it right

Monica: Hmm, practice means you do it over and over again until you get it right.

Monica: Hair on top of lips.

Monica: It has three wheels. Bicycle has two.

Monica: It means when somebody tickles you and you laugh.

Monica: Predicament is a problem. (she uses this word almost everyday, "Mommy, I have a predicament") Hahahaha

Monica: It means to say sorry.

Monica: It means same sound.

Monica: Separate means to pull apart

Monica: Something special and beautiful



These are just a few words that Monica can define.
You must be wondering how she learned this?

via her iPod Touch. (Please forgive me if I cannot fathom to call it iTouch. It's just me.  It's not called like that anyway.  Same thing with Bora versus Boracay.) --- oh yes, my issues in life e409

I have yet to publish Mateo's video that shows his mastery of shapes. Unbelievable!

And with this, I think I have a valid reason why I want to buy my kids an iPad.
Not now. I decided to wait for the 2nd generation.

Words, definitions...
While there is a possibility that she just memorized these,
I don't really care because memorized or not, what's important is she absorbs what she hears and she has a very POWERFUL memory retention. (She remembers things from when she was just 1.6 yrs old!)
That's how kids learn anyway.  
By example, by experience, by practice.

And I'm happy that she uses these words on a daily basis.
When she talks to me, she uses these words.

When she hears me say a "new" word, she asks what it means.
There is interest.  And I love her for that.

I'm mighty proud.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi! this is good to hear. may i ask what are the apps that you basically had for your kids on the ipod? thanks!

by the way... does your little boy have his own ipod too? i can't seem to give my boy an ipod because i can see that he might just play with it or throw it around and will get destroyed in a second. hmmm... watchatink?