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12 June 2010

Monica Learns How To Write

Forgive me that I have to mention again how my kids learn. iPod Touch.

Lately, Little Monica has always been practising writing letters and asking for help on how to spell words.  Thank GOD that she is showing interest at such a young age.

With the help of podcasts, she learns how to write letters.  She watches them and applies it on paper.  A few apps installed help her too.  Several apps in the iPod teach my chikitings how to draw by tracing.

Here are a couple of photos I took.


She tells me the letters she wrote. That's I, C, T, A, O

I have yet to teach her how to write straight lines.  To her, everything should be slanted.  Hahaha.
When she writes A, she goes "Slant down, Slant down, Across."

And a couple of minutes after and single attempts on each letter.
She wrote P, R, I, C, T, A, D, P.  And on top is W

A few more practices and she can be well on her way to spelling her name.

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