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13 June 2010

My Schlepping Bag

When I was way younger, like 18 years young, I've always wanted to use a Coach bag to school.  It wasn't in back then.  Main reason why I wanted it.  Plus it was not so expensive for a signature bag which makes it perfect for a student.

It never happened.  I felt guilty buying a $200 dollar bag, being a student.  It felt wrong.  Back then, I was more persistent in saving up for date money and concert money. Hahaha.

Back then, I was eyeing for a white hobo signature flap and the classic signature hobo.  Just those two, I thought one can be for school and one for night outs.  That never happened.

So I got over my semi-obsession with Coach.  As I got a little bit older, I thought it was too vulgar.  It was shouting too much for the brand.  I started preferring discreet branded bags.

Believe it or not, I don't dream of owning an LV bag.  Seriously.
I don't mind not having one in this lifetime.  Really.

But if you will force me to give at least one choice for an LV bag, I'd choose VERNIS or DAMIER AZURE.  Epi, not so much.

Just that two, VERNIS and DAMIER AZURE.  But I can go on with my life without an LV bag, not even the small leather accessories.  Shoes, yes, I would die to have a pair of their wedges or sneakers.  But that's just it.

Rambling again...

Anyhoo, ze husband insisted that he wants to buy me a schlepping bag.  A bag that I can carry around anywhere.  Like a "war bag"

During the same time as my Coach fever, I also lusted over Longchamp but I thought it was too basic back then.  I just wanted to have it when I was younger.

Funny how my quasi love affair with Coach ended and my affair with Longchamp endured through the years.

Here is what husband bought for me.  A humble schlepping bag.

I chose it over an equally-priced Lacoste bag. I figured I can always easily buy Lacoste without the guilt.    Now, I want to have more colors of Longchamp.  I want the backpacks.  I want the really small totes.


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