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12 June 2010

Post For A Living 36/ Wellness

While everyone is raving about the long weekend, my work officially starts.
I have a dozen articles to finish, blog posts long overdue, PPP loving posts I have to take advantage of.
On top of that, I have a couple of interviews coming up which I hope to pass or give me a good offer.

Yes, I will be back in the corporate world.

Whatever happened to my SAHM/WAHM "mini-advocacy"?  Hahaha.

I am choosing to work again because I want to do more.  I want to accomplish more things aside from being a hands-on mom.  Time away from my kids will make my kids closer to the Love Of My Life.  I want them to bond--make up for lost time, make memories for the kids to remember once ze husband leaves again.  I am going back to work so I can watch USHER.  Hahaha!
(Random: I wonder if he goes to Colonics Los Angeles like Paris Hilton?)

Man, the tickets are not cheap! And I don't want to settle FOR LESS. NO WAY!
And for me not to feel guilty about it, I will work for it.
If I don't work, going to his concert will cause a slightly major dent on our savings/business money.  That's not being wise.

That's a MAJOR update, I will be working in an office again, soon.

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