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12 June 2010

Post For A Living 37/ Chiropractor

Several times I have mentioned of my experience getting involved in a car accident from 2006--months before walking down the aisle.

That accident rendered me hospitalized and bedridden for a month.  It gave me a bad back and a couple of fractured ribs.  I developed scoliosis from that.  No visible scars.  Just a bad backbone.

Back then, I thought of going to an Austin Chiropractor.  I still think about it until now but I'm a wee bit scared.  The thought of having my bones aligned and cracking, yikes.

But my back pains are worsening.  It's always an extra effort for me to maintain a good posture.  I probably need to undergo more therapies for back strengthening.  The problem is I'm too lazy :p

A couple of nights ago, I experienced my first ever hilot.  It was amazing! It felt more like healing than massage.  I want to have more of it!  Ze husband had his swollen ankle healed in just a matter of minutes.  When I had my turn, I was surprised to feel instantly relieved.  My back and posture felt lighter.  Amazing!

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