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12 June 2010

Post For A Living 39/ Web Hosting

Let us take a break from my previous motherhood posts.

In between blogging, facebooking, and working online today, I was checking on a couple of ecommerce hosting sites.  Trying to get some ideas and double checking if we need to put up our own site for our mini-business.  Of course what's the use of checking ecommerce hosting without some online shopping spree?  Hahaha!

Well, more like visual shopping.
It becomes a motivator to do well in business and to pursue my working career either as a WAHM or in the corporate world.

Speaking of which, I would like to share an item I thought I would have.
Ze husband would have bought it for me despite the price.
This Bally flats was purrfect!!!!!
Too bad they didn't have it anymore in my size.  I'm usually an 8 and they only had 7.5
I tried it on and I looked stupid.  It looked like I just borrowed it.


It was our first time in Duty Free together as a married couple.  The sole purpose of us going there was just for kids.  True enough, their eyes feasted on all the chocolates and Melissa and Doug toys.  They were so cheap there compared to Hobbes and Landes.

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