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19 June 2010

Post For A Living 41/ Property

Whenever ze husband is home, we always have sleepless nights of talking about our future.
I've mentioned this several times here.
We have so many plans and dreams.  We would sound silly if I disclose everything here.
But there's one thing that all couples plan/ dream of having, a home they can call their own.

For us, this might seem weird and impractical for many, but we don't see ourselves buying a house and lot. Really (not even dreaming of Murrieta Real Estate).  Yes, it might be part of our plans but not that immediate.  We will only probably get one if we have extra money.  For now, we are inclined to purchasing a 3-bedroom condo unit in an urbanized area.

We're into the city living so much, we can't imagine ourselves living in the province.  Not even Tagaytay.  We'd be happy even if we will just live in a well-planned and designed 80sqm  3-storey townhouse in the city.

We have very few requirements for our future house.
The master's bedroom MUST have a closet and bathroom right inside.  That's our topmost priority.  We don't want to wake up in the middle of the night and walk too far to go to the loo.

The two kids should have their own bedrooms.
A stock room.
A maid's quarter.
A two-car garage. (with a parked Range Rover Sport. Haha)
A bidet in the toilet.
A water heater.
A bathroom for every floor.

That's basically it.  We're a very simple couple.

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