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25 June 2010

Post For A Living 42/ Eye Glasses

Ugh. I've neglected this blog again.

Anyhoo, I am back.

I was browsing through some photos I thought I could share and here are a few that I have found.  This is me wearing eye glasses which I rarely use since the kiddos keep grabbing them.
I like it that it's square. I'm tired of seeing wayfarers, aviators, oversized sunnies.

Thing is, my eyes are starting to hurt again. You see, I may not be blogging everyday now but I'm still always online researching on stuff and doing my usual articles.

I have a teeny tiny thing with eyewear.  I like buying them but I don't really wear them.  I find it a hassle sometimes.

Going back, I think I might have to go back to wearing my eyewear for astigmatism.
Yikes, how I hate it.  Funny how when I was a kid I wanted so much to wear specs because I thought I'd look cool in it.


Now I refuse to wear them.
Oh well...

Time for me to go back to my articles.

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