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12 June 2010

TELUS International Philippines

I've spent almost two years working in TELUS as a recruiter.
It was a stressful job that I loved.  It is where I learned professionalism and discipline.

I gained a few friends.  Few because we were such a small team back then handling more than a hundred targets every week.

The challenge of filling a class of 50 in a span of two days is part of the fun.  TELUS International, during my time had a fun and friendly environment especially in Human Resources.  Because we were few, we were all tight.  It was easy to work with anyone.  Work didn't feel like work when I was around them.

A month ago, I dropped by a party of my former boss.  The manager who hired me.  He's the one who saw my potential as a recruiter.
I never thought I'd get in.  This poker-faced guy who interviewed me was actually listening while playing with an umbrella.  Hahaha!! Weird!  That moment still brings me to a smile.

We share the same birthday too.

Life was so much simpler back then.  Even if hiring targets were close to impossible, we managed to miraculously achieve the sky high numbers. Bonding over coffee, lunches, dinners, petiks moments, GAs. I miss those moments with these people.
Now, all of us pioneers are gone in TELUS.  And I seriously think it's not fun in there anymore.

TELUS will NEVER be the same without US.  I'm proud to be part of the original Recruitment team of Ambergris Solutions/ TELUS International in Market!Market!

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