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19 July 2010

Post For A Living 44/ Costumes

Yes, yes, neglectful I am.

I have really been terribly swamped with work since I the start of the month. I barely even have the time for Facebook or any other site.

I'm feeling blue already from lack of internet browsing experience. Feeling blue that I probably look like someone wearing Smurf Costumes. Hahahaha!

Those creatures are cute, don't you think.
Right this minute, I am in the office, waiting for my candidates to finish their typing test and fill out application forms before I can endorse them to my clients.

On a lighter and happier note, I am looking forward to our Boracay vacation next month!!!! Yey!

This is the first time that I feel so disorganized for a getaway. Normally, I pack two weeks in advance.
Yes, THAT early. I want to know the things I still need to buy or the clothes I have to stop wearing. Hahaha.

There, my time is up!


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