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29 July 2010

Post For A Living 45/ Business Cards

Hello World!

We just came back from our Boracay getaway and though it felt we were cut short, I'm happy that at least the kids had fun on the beach. As expected, the kids loved the fine white sand. Perfect!

We dined in a couple of good restaurants and how I wish they gave away yellow business cards so I could keep their details for future reference.

See, the good thing about Boracay is you will never get tired of going back. I think everyone would agree with me on that. There's something about that place that will make you want to go back some more.

Four days and 3 nights went by so fast. We wanted to stay for a couple more days but our cheap tickets won't let us rebook our flights.

Aside from having fun in Boracay, we unexpectedly made the biggest purchase in our lives. We are still in awe. We still cannot get over that fact.

More on that. I seriously have to blog more and post more photos. Yikes! Too many pictures rotting in my hard drive.


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