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10 August 2010

Post For A Living 47/ Psych Testing

I am officially back in the HR industry.

As a recruiter of an international headhunter, I get to deal with a lot of people everyday.

Different lives with different problems and different pasts.  It's not always easy to recruit someone.  There will always be that person you are unsure of endorsing.  You can sense that the person is hiding something from you in order for him to advance.

This is one of the times wherein I wish psychometric testing is a standard for every company that is hiring.  While it may take an hour or longer since the answer sheet will still be evaluated, I think it will be worth it. During my college years, we were given the impression that psychological testing must be a standard in any hiring process.

Sometimes I think, could it be that I may be with a headhunter but with fast-paced hiring needs that psychological testing is close to impossible?

Thinking aloud again..

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