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14 October 2010

Day 3 in Boracay

We started our day with a quick breakfast at the hotel and made sure we will make the most out of last sun in Boracay.

We brought the kids straight to the beach and had them order their fruit shake of choice.
Monica chose watermelon.  She kept nagging us since the day we arrived.  For Mateo, he had banana fruit shake.  Die-hard banana fan.

While they were sipping on their shakes, I applied sunblock on them.  Thank God for cooperative kids.

My turn. (Gotta tel ze husband to warn me next time he takes a picture of me.)

Thank God for yayas brought along for vacation trips.



Monica chose to make ice cream out of sand instead of a castle


We chose to have lunch again in Club Astoria.  Last nigt's dinner was ze husband's treat for the gang.
This time, it was Tita Onette's turn to treat us.
Look at those Kenneth Cobonpue pieces... *drool*

What was supposed to be just lunch ended up to be contract signing! We were offered/ lured to their membership package.. Eep!!

So all that plan of getting burned under the sun for our last day in Boracay was trashed! SAD!!!!!!

Contract signing

How we ended our night..
Monica took this photo of mine.

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