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04 October 2010

Post For A Living 48/ Printing

I am back! I am back! I am back!

I'm sure I was missed! :))

Aside from the job I had/have, I also didn't have a laptop to work on this blog.  I didn't have time to upload photos in my Flickr account.  Not even Facebook.

So let's kick things off by starting this comeback post with some PPP.

Over the past several days, I have been busy backing up and uploading photos to both my Flickr and Multiply premium accounts.  Yes, I keep two because I want to be sure, I don't lose anything.  I'm fine with paying fees yearly as long as I am assured my images and videos are safe.

Going back, since things have gone too digital, I noticed I was never able to have my pictures printed.  I somehow sorted to just viewing them online or on my laptop.  Things is, it still feels nice to flip through pages of photo albums, right?

Good thing, 123print is easily accesible and even better is that it offers cheap rates.The next step for me is to collate all the images I want to print and send it to them.  Now, THAT is quite a process.  I have thousands of photos to view.

Exciting to see them and create albums or scrapbooks since Monica is starting to look for her baby photos.

Starting off with this one, taken minutes before ze husband's plane landed this year

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