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04 October 2010

Post For A Living 49/ Holiday + Boracay

Poor me.. It has been two months since our family holiday in Boracay and I still haven't written anything about it.  I'm really hoping I will be able to update this blog for all the lost time.

Anyway, let us start with our much-awaited family vacation in Boracay.

We stayed there from July 25-28, 2010-- funny how 4 days and 3 nights seem short.  Next time, we go there, I swear, our budget should be enough for a week.  My plan for next time is book ourselves in a decent hotel for a night or two then find cheaper ones for the succeeding nights--beachfront, nonetheless.  I'm really choosy when it comes to accommodations.

We went to Boracay with a couple of my in-laws and our nanny (not shown in photo)
This was taken while we were waiting for our suitcases to be checked in. At this point, kids were already excited, including me!

While waiting for our delayed flight.  It was moved around 45 minutes later.  Here are kids sitting, behaving well.

A few minutes later, Mateo fell asleep.  I thought, too bad, he wouldn't see the plane and feel the ride.
Our tickets!

On our way inside...

Monica was way too excited to get in and sit. When she did, she immediately buckled her seatbelt and said "Mommy, seat belt buckled and ready for take off!"

Monica took this shot..

This has been too image-heavy..
Watch out for the next post...

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