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04 October 2010

Post For A Living 50/ Web Hosting

Two months ago, when I started working, I discovered a neat and tiny add-on for Firefox called Xmarks. It lets me sync my history, open tabs, passwords, and bookmarks across all computers no matter what the OS.  I was able to sync my Firefox and Safari on my laptop with the Firefox at work.  It was really neat and made my life convenient.

Sadly, two days ago, when I updated my Firefox, I was redirected to Xmarks page and was advised that they will shut down by January next year.  That was a surprising news which led me to research about other syncing extensions and found myself in Lifehacker website which taught me how to keep using Xmarks even when the company shuts down.

I am now blogging, facebooking, uploading, and reading up on several webhosting reviews.I'm trying to find one for free which I know is close to impossible or maybe I lack a lot of knowledge on this stuff.  You see, website, HTML, SEO, and all those stuff are still new to me.  I have to learn more about it.  I find it hard to understand or maybe I am not that interested.

By the way, here is a photo of my PC desktop in the office.  I am loving my widescreen monitor.

Still wondering where I work after cursing the corporate world in 2007 to give way to being a SAHM? Hahaha!

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