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12 October 2010

Post For A Living 54/ Day 2 in Boracay

So we are still on the topic of our second day in Boracay.  We spent/ wasted our time island hopping for more than a couple of hours plus a little bit of snorkeling, which by the way was crazy since we had to pay the boat's "parking" fee.

Makes me wonder, will it be this silly if and when the time comes we'll go to france boating holidays? I bet the cost of that will cover other charges, right? Crazy, really.

Here is Monica on our way out of the hotel.
"Mommy, look, I can reach it."

Waiting for out boat

This is the whole group minus our yaya.

Kids feeling sleepy after 10-15 minutes of boat ride..

This is too funny.

I like this photo..

Ze husband took this photo. Must be wondering why am I holding towels? We used it to conceal our clear plastic handbag full of gadgets and wallets. Plus it always rained at night so it doubled to protect kids from the rain.

This is it for now..

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