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28 November 2010

Post For A Living 57/ Tramadol To The Rescue

It's that time of the month again.  My whole body feels weak and for the most part, my body is aching.  Back pains are killing me.  And my backbone injury is not helping at all.

So I'm thinking, should I really come back here in my blog starting off with this kind of topic?  Not too festive, noh?

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking if tramadol would actually work with what I'm having right now.  I am so convinced that these red letter days are slowly weakening my immune system month after month.

For some reason, I would always catch a fever whenever I have my monthly period.  It ruins everything.  It affects how I manage the kids, my work, and myself.  I look like a limp vegetable on bed all day.

I don't know how long I can control myself from not buying tramadol or any other drug to ease the pain...

Anybody here who takes Midol, tramadol, or any other drug?

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