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28 November 2010

Post For A Living 59/ Payday Loans Rescue

I am back from my old browsing habits.  Too many windows open, numerous number of tabs for each that I cannot keep up anymore.  I start getting attached to my tabs/ websites that it's a challenge for me to close them one by one.

Most of my tabs are the same--revolving around fashion, technology, gadgetry (is there such a word?!), parenting, housekeeping.. everything actually.

Let me just share a couple of photos that will most likely require me to avail of payday loans. Haha..
The bag!! So purty and cute! Except, I do not know the brand.  I'm guessing it's a Chanel or a YSL.  Perhaps I could be wrong.  I'm no bag expert. UGH! If only I could see the button.  Knowledgeable, yes.  BUT not an expert.  That said, I have a new quest.  And that quest will give me more windows and tabs open. Haha. Starting now.

Anyway, it's probably obvious by now that I prefer branded bags that are discreet.  Sure, I don't have a brand new LV but I don't mind at all.  It's too vulgar--for lack of a better term.

At my current state, I am happy where I am.  I don't plan on buying pre-owned bags.  Nope.  Not being too proud or arrogant but it's really not my thing.  I'd rather have none than buy a FAKE or a pre-owned.  That's just me.  Don't judge.  (Defensive?! Hahaha!!)

Here is a new brand I found online, NW3.  I have yet to search for more of their items..

Cute dress.  Looks very young and fresh.  Just like me. Ahahahaha!!! Of course, I'm just joking.  Another candidate for payday loans.

Now this next one, seriously needs a payday loans application. Prada woven pumps is priced at Php 35,000 plus taxes.  Eeep!
Prada Woven Leather Pumps

There, I'm done daydreaming!

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