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13 December 2010

Post For A Living 61/ Web Hosting

So here I am with a not-so-much of a personal post.  these past few days, my blog has been updated with jsut pictures of beeyootiful stuff.  Stuff I adore and someday will have.  Haha!! The nerve of me saying I will have them someday.

But hey, I believe so much in the power of Law of Attraction.  Go read The Secret if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Well, I haven't read it in full anyway, but the thing is, I firmly believe in the power of attraction and a strong desire for things we want.  It somehow makes its way to us.

So If I want stuff to be done or to be acquired, I just keep thinking about it.  there is however, a thin line between obsession and the law of attraction though.

Anyway, I am going quite off-topic again.

I have several blogs that I maintain. Really. A lot. This is the only blog that I let the public know and besides this and the other one are my money-making machines. Hahaha! As if I make so much money out of this.

Because I am conceited, haha, I like Googling myself. :))

I always check what results come up when I type in my name. While not all of my blogs populate the results, that's fine with me. There are times that even if I blog, I still want things to be somehow private.

And that is why I am looking into blogging with wordpress hosting because posts can be password-enabled. I want to publish but be discreet at times. I keep mentioning that the main reason why I put up a blog was just to document and chronicle my life but it has gone a long way since.

Lately though, I have discovered Posterous. I love that site and the iPhone app so much. It makes blogging so much easier! Really. On the iPhone, you jsut tap, tap, tap, tap et voila! it gets posted to all of my other blogs! Perfect for people like me who loves maintaining other blogs with different categories.

And the bookmarklet, oh how convenient and handy!  Perfect beyond words!

So there, I'm gonna be hunting / researching about wordpress blogging.  And oh, I do have a blog from that domain and livejournal too. Hehehehe!!!

Let me just leave you with a photo Monica drew last October 30.  Yes, that long already!
Practicing her letters and obviously, her favorite color is blue.

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