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13 December 2010

Post For A Living 62 / Logo Loco

2010, oh what a blast! This is probably one of the life-changing years I've had. I've had my life completely upside down just because of wrong decisions not necessarily made overnight.  It was just plain wrong and probably driven by greed and excitement.

More on that some other time.  Hope I can find the time for that, though.

From July of this year, I started working for, a Malaysian company specializing in job ad postings.  However, they have another segment which is recruitment.  I was part of JobStreet Select, we took care of the staffing needs of BPO companies.  I was hired/ convinced by my former supervisor to go back to the corporate world.  And while the compensation was not too pleasing, I still accepted it since I thought this could be a good start for me to refresh my CV.  No need for me to actually look for a Logo Design Company to make my CV look better after not working for almost 2 years. I may have some freelance stuff and home-based activities but professional experience is still way too important.

So I accepted it and liked it a lot even if I would have lunch 3-5pm in the afternoon due to workload.  I complained yes, but I endured it.  Ha!  That's one of the major reasons why I got fat!  Eating late lunch..waay too late!

But anyways, I met new friends there.  And we now have a Friday group where we talk about people from the office and share our emotions and hatred toward them. Hahaha! Kidding!

Here is a photo with one of the closest in my heart..
We share a lot in common. The first day I walked into the office, I knew she was the one I would hit it off right away. And I was right! I never thought I'd met another girl who would be interested and knowledgeable with cars as much as I am. Haha!  And if that's not enough, we both love McDonald's!!
Oh, how much calories have we earned from eating McDonald's during late lunches?!  I miss Andi!

And who would've thought I would be officemates with my bestfriend's sister and we'll get along just fine?!
Eating out after office hours.

More pictures to come!

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