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14 December 2010

Post For A Living 63 / UK Villas

Seems like I have a little bit more time at work than ever before.  I might be on a lunch break but I'm thankful to have access to all my favorite and soon-to-be-bookmarked sites.

yesterday, I mentioned a little about my previous job which led me and ze husband to having new friends who often see each other.  Although not as often as I want it to be.  (How I wish we could all spend a weeklong vacation in cyprus villas.. Haha! Why not go UK, right? Oh, to dream!

Moving on, here is a photo of Monica mighty proud of her drawing.  At a time when she was all about pink.  she outgrew that quite quickly.  Like 1 month quick.
I'm not really sure what she wanted to make out of this. I bet she was jsut happy that her paper is pink all over.

This one is my photo with Mateo taken during our 10th anniversary which wasn't too well-spent due to some uncontrollable circumstances.  Oh well.  I still feel a little bit raw about it.

And presenting, this is what ze husband and I eat in the wee hours of the morning, back when I was still unemployed a month ago.

Haha! Fried rice with egg and hotdogs on the side. Oh how sinful!

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