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14 December 2010

Post For A Living 64 / UK Apartments

We are done dreaming about UK villas from the previous post.  Now why don't we go ahead and be delusional about this and dream about having lavish apartments in london. Nothing wrong in dreaming. Seriously, I don't dream or consider living in London. I think it's just way too expensive and cold there.
BUT if I were given an expatriate package there, then I might have to reconsider.  Who wouldn't, right?

Before we proceed to more dreaming, let me just share a couple of POOR quality photos I took of a fashion school my best friend owns.

This is what you see when you are on the other end of the entrance.  It has changed a lot since this picture was taken.

Ah! I am so proud for one of my best friends.  We've known each other for more or less 9 years.  I always knew she would make it big because of her determination and pure intelligence.  I am happy to say that I was present for all of the most important events in her life.  From her debut, first boyfriend, first breakup, heartbreaks, frustrations, modelling, joining Miss Earth, and now this.

She now owns a franchise of Fashion Institute of the Philippines.  I'm so happy! Now I can have a discount of the fashion courses I am dying to take up!!  You see, if you have been reading me religiously, back in 2007, I was so obsessed to study fashion and everything in between.

Now, this! I'm beyond excited!!

Don't those chairs look so inviting to sit on? Creating patterns and plotting designs? Oooh!!!!

So there, if you are just in the area looking for a hobby or have been wanting to learn more about and anything about fashion, head on to Fashion Institute of the Philippines in Makati.  It's just along dela Rosa St.  Very convenient for Makati yuppies!

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