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14 December 2010

Post For A Living 65 / UK Cottages

Seems like I'm on UK roll here.  From villas to apartments and now cottages.  What is it about UK really?  Maybe because of is diversity and the feeling of luxury of having to live there.  Reading more about UK makes you more attached to it, eager and antsy to visit the place.  More so if you find yourself researching about Hoseasons self catering holiday cottages. It gets even more exciting.

Enough about that. when my father arrived home, for the first time in years, we went back to Duty Free mainly to buy alcohol for ze husband's party and some goody stuff for kids. It never changes, it's always a disappointment to visit that place.

It's so gloomy and the interiors are not too inviting. Substandard!

Anyway, here are jsut a couple fo photos on that day.
October 24, 2010

My sister and ze husband talking about our finds.


Nyahaha! So happppyyy!!!

And wait, I just want to show a phot of Monica looking like a really big girl. Just look at the way she sits and rest her arms on her legs!

And this is how they are on most times..

When they were babies, they both refused the stroller. Much to my dismay! For a while, I hated buying that expensivo stroller. But now, look at them, they force themselves to fit into that stroller! Cuteness!!

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