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11 January 2011

Post For A Living 66 / HP Deskjet Cartridges

Sometimes I wish I was back in college. Everything was subsidized.  From clothes, money that you choose where to spend on, gadgets, school supplies.. everything.  Everything was free.

Now why am I even talking about this? It's not quite related with my main reason for posting.
Let's proceed, shall we?

The other day, my usual self randomly thought about checking out the latest technology in printers.  Haha. That's just me, check on anything and everything I can think of.  Yes, I am familiar that there are now all-in-one printers but haven't really took the time out to find out more about it.

And yes, being very typical of me, I started to want one of these printers.  I mainly want it for scanning and printing.  They're quite cheap actually, I found an HP all in one that's less than $100.  Then I thought, isn't it that hp deskjet cartridges are pricey? I mean it's all the same for most brands of printers. The printers are cheap but it's the ink cartridge that will kill you slowly.  And I've never been a fan of those generic ink refills, no matter how much they spend on branding themselves and paying for known personalities to promote them. 

That' the time I thought, It feels so good to be a student, parents will buy you anything. 
And I want an all-in-one printer! How immature of me, noh? Well, it's just something nice to have at home but something I don't really need.  We have a couple of photo-quality printers and a scanner but I want them budled.
Oh well....

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