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04 February 2011

Celine vs Longchamp

In November 2010, I have fallen in love with this particular orange bag.


It's orange, discreet, and dainty.
With all signature bags, I always find myself attracted to discreet bags.

I don't like bags that have monograms, badges, oy anything else on it.  I want my bags to appear generic yet branded.  Hahaha.. as if I have a loot of branded bags noh? Feelingera alert!

Oh well, you'll never know, in the near future, I might just have.  But I'm not too eager or keen in gettingmy hands on a lot of bags.  I'm really just interested in them.

Well, except for that orange bag up there which had me hunting every single day and night.

Then, on my search for envelope bags, it brought me to this...
 It looks oddly similar noh?  But I must say, even if Kate Moss (my love) was behind this, I am not liking those 3 metal accent on the bag.

Then, as I was randomly browsing a new-found brand love, Celine... EUREKA!!

It's such a pretty sight!!!!

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