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18 February 2011

Emilio Pucci Beachwear

Summer is almost there.  Doing my usual rounds of web browsing, checking out new stuff online, I stumbled into these pieces that make you go WOW.  Not because of the design BUT because of its price.

I mean, I like ogling over luxurious stuff.  It's one way for me to repress my urges in wanting to buy them. Really.  I notice that when I get too sawa over something, nawawalan ako ng gana.

Case in point, there was a time when I would check the LV website out of the desire to be able to identify all styles.  I've succeeded more or less 75%, and because I was looking at it every day, I was able to narrow down the styles that I really like.  Take note that this was at a point in time when I didn't have a corporate job.  Hahaha.

So here are some Emilio Pucci items that are really way up there in terms of prices.
Priced at a whopping $450!!!

Emilio Pucci Printed Halterneck Bikini

Like, whaaaat?!?

This next one is plainly a towel.  It's not as if the threads have been gold-plated or something...
Priced at $670
Emilio Pucci Cotton Flannel Beach Towel

This next one I'm loving but how I wish I had the SMALLEST breasts!
Cheaper since it only has strings, hahaha! $395
Emilio Pucci Bandeau Bikini
So there!

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