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22 February 2011

Kate Hudson and RayBan

Correct me if I'm wrong.  But isn't it when you like or adore someone it is because you somehow find a similarity between the two of you? 

Personally, I don't do it on purpose.  I mean, I don't like on someone because I know or I feel we have similarities.  That would be too "feeling" of me.  Or maybe it's all but coincidence for me?

I would not enumerate the number of people (not my friends) I like and later on find out or feel that there are similarities by reading up on interviews and seeing photos.

But just the same, yes, isn't it that when choosing friends, you tend to gravitate to those you, more or less, identify yourself with.  otherwise, how else would you click?  This might be a sign that I'm choosy with friends and that is my personal choice.  While I am friendly but not always approachable, I choose people who I can get close to.

And isn't it that I am going way out off topic again? Hahaha!!

Anyway, here is a photo of Kate Hudson, the girl I have been crushing on since Almost Famous.  I love her just because she doesn't mind if she has small breasts.  I love how she seems so free-spirited. And yes, I like how she dresses up, very relaxed.

On January 10, I posted two of my favorite RayBans as of ze moment.
Clubmaster in RED

Then I see this today,

But the things is, I have somehow bid goodbye to the glamorous lifestyle (that I never really had, hahaha!).

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