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04 February 2011

Let's get serious....

Over the past couple of weeks, much has been said about a scandal going around the blogosphere.  It's all about the blogger who gets paid (a big amount of money) to post stuff on the blog.

Quite disappointing.  I may not be a popular blog.  I mean, not at all.  It just so happened I own a tiny piece of web space.  Blogs are supposed to be online personal diaries. A place where you can post the chronicles of your life.  A place where you can look back once your kids are all grown-up.  Or maybe a place where you can remember how much you have loved a person.

Really, it IS a diary.  

I've always said, when I started to blog in 2004 (it's here. enter at your own risk), I just wanted to log everything about my life as a girlfriend and soon to be wife of a seafarer with much love for one another.  It was a failure as I had undergone a lot of stuff from 2004 to early 2006.  Oh, have I mentioned I even had that MSN live spaces? And friendster too.  And yes, I have one in livejournal.. I did try xanga too.  Haha.
But it was truly Blogger that captured my heart.

I really don't suggest anyone to read that as it is full of teeny-bopper stuff even if I was in my 20s there already. Hahaha!  I, for myself cannot last 5 minutes reading my YOUNG and NAIVE entries.

Wow, you/I can tell I'm back to blogging when I ramble with a lot of thoughts.  Ayayay!

Going back, my point is, blogs should be kept pure.  Fine, it might be the new and modern social media but there has to be thin line in giving genuine opinions over paid opinions right?

I mean, blogs are personal.
How can something be personal if opinions are paid and unreal?
Yes, I do get paid here but I disclose it in almost every post. And see that banner on the left side (right, if yby the time you read this I've changed my layout), there's a disclaimer right there.

And, and, and... I always always try to keep my posts real even if they are sponsored.
That's it. Enough.
On to the next post.
Now, a photo...
 See how young we were?

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