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17 February 2011

Nobody is Better Than You

This one is for the love of my life. Ze husband. My true love.  My partner.  My best friend. My dream/reality.My everything. 

The one I love more than our kids.

Hey baby
It's you I truly adore
I finally found the
Peace of never wanting more

Singin' a sweet song of who and where I belong
I see a vision of a love that's more than strong
I feel so fine, truly divine
My dream has come to life,
You're always there on my mind

'Cause when I need two arms that can hold me tight
A tender loving kiss that can make it right
Someone to chase the darkness into the light
I know it's true baby, there's no better than you

'Cause my love is true, ooh

Oh my dear I can't say the way that I feel
You're more than words you're more than
Pictures can reveal sugar is sweet but with you it's hard to believe
There's nothing to compare you're all I want and need
Eternally I'm gonna see all that love can be
Heaven has given to me

And I know in time our hearts will be together
I see your smile and I see forever and our love is true

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