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07 February 2011 - Please give back my photos!

So, I viewed my other blogs and was surprised to find out my photos are gone!!

What's more surprising is that, the photo hosting site, does not let me view my photos.
It goes straight to telling me that I need to upgrade my account for me to view my photos.  Fine. 

I'm all for going pro or premium if that's what it takes to preserve my photos and videos.  They are very precious to me.  Files to me are my most prized possessions.   I even have my files from college!

So, I checked their premium costs..

A year of membership is quite expensive ha.  Flickr is still my love.  But for the greater love of my photos, I am willing to spend $5 worth a month to save my photos and transfer them to Flickr.
The thing is, the site just won't let me!  How selfish of them!!! It won't let me highlight the first option.

So unfair! is such a selfish and inconsiderate website.

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dare007007 said... is worst then that!! I received an email informing me that they will be closing down as of March 21st, 2011. And for me to upload all the photos I have there. The problem with this is that I paid the $29.99 a few months ago for a 1 year Premium Membership. I have emailed them numerous times asking for a partial, pro-rated refund but have been ignored. Thieves!!