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10 February 2011

Post For A Living 68 / Mesothelioma Prognosis

Ze husband left and I have yet to post about that cruel experience.  I just have to find the time for that.  I need to reflect on some stuff that I want to share here.  I just want to take this opportunity to tackle more on mesothelioma prognosis - a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

It's just got me worried recently because I'm scared for ze husband to be near this type of chemical again.  It scares the hell out of me.  I'm not too sure when that was but I think that was in 2007 when he told me that the ship has been loading asbestos which freaks him out as well.  I researched about it and lo and behold, it something to be scared about.

Now, hours after of his departure, I find out about this cancer mesothelioma.  Just like any other cancer, it has four stages but the thing is, one will not know it is in stage 4 already because there are other symptoms that would often not relate to mesothelioma.

Once diagnosed, the person only has a life span of up to 5 years.  This is really scary.  My God, I hope  we will be spared from this. I want to live longer with ze husband and the kids... oh, the kids!

This is one of the reasons why I refuse for him to try and take jobs for tanker ships.  Yes, the pay is really good.  A lot higher than what he is receiving now.  But I cannot, for the life of me, accept the fact that he will be exposed to some really hazardous chemicals.  I just cannot.

Yes, yes, I know, they have stricter safety measures.  However, in the real world, when the Captain or Chief Engineer is either Ukrainian or Croatian, they are usually, you know, careless, insensitive or reckless when it comes to handling people.  But do not get me wrong, some are really one-of-a-kind as in they are nice.  and we can neve rbe sure if ze husband will be with humane leaders onboard, right?

Maybe when the time comes that he's the one supervising the ship, then we might have to consider it.
But for now, NO, THANK YOU.

I love my husband.  Being a seaman is a risk of life as it is.  So let us not worsen the situation.

My current favorite photo from last year.

Hierarchy, The Fort

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