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10 February 2011

Post For A Living 69 / Window Shutters

It's been a while since I've started my obsession with TRUE RED and HOT PINK lipsticks started.
I started late November when I noticed, I was getting pale.  I seriously needed something to brighten up my face.

Let me just have this moment to talk about one of my current obsessions. Yes, one of my. As it is impossible for me to have just one obsessions at any given time.  I have too many interests to afford to narrow it down to one.  There goes my brain rambling again.

So there, I knew I had to color-ize my skin since you know, we're not getting any younger. (Ugh! I still feel I'm only 20 years old).  I remember when I was in college, during regular walkarounds (wow, what a (non)term) in malls during break time, I read from a Shu Uemura collateral that,

Ouch. That hit straight.  From then on, I stopped looking at cosmetics.  I felt like I had no right to wear makeup if my pores are visible or if I cannot afford to avail regular Belo facial cleasing.  Hmm, I think I've blogged about this before.  I just have to manage to remember the title for that. Hmmm...

WAIT! Before I continue, let me talk about window shutters here, as you know, these past few days, believe it or not, I have been scouring the web for design inspirations for small spaces (hint hint).  It's one of my obsessions, haha.  And you know what, I think windows shutters are worth considering although I'm not sure if we will be allowed to do that.  Maybe in the future for another place?  Who knows?

Going back to my makeup issues, I decided that maybe I could forego the face and just focus on using lipstick.
My hot pink lips.  I wish I could buy a better, if not the best, brand SOON!

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