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11 February 2011

Post For A Living 74 / Web Hosting

I am a sucker for everything advertising so much so that you will notice the right side of my blog is full of it.  You will also see there a button that you can click if you want to purchase affordable hosting packages.

When planning to put up a blog and really want to be serious about it, I highly suggest to purchase a domain.  Your own .com in the almost full IPv4 addresses.  In fact, I maintain so much blogs that I am so tempted to purchase a new one that will basically collate everything here and the others.  But this one will still exist for more personal stories.  The other one will be sort of less organized as I want my objective there to be like a vision board, no rules, no format.  Hmm.. but I still have to decided on that if I can actually think of more valid reasons why I should spend on something yearly.  I personally like Posterous due to ease of use over Tumblr (i have one there also).

Going back, I suggest before buying a domain or web hosting package, try to look up inmotion review and you will see that there are so many feedbacks from every other web hosting packages and from there you can check which price is the most affordable, convenient, and reasonable for you. 

As for me, I will stick to the simplest platform there is.  I am not too familiar and I don't think I ever will be familiar with cPanel, FTP, and all that jazz.

I haven't found a photo for me to share as I am way backlogged and it's quite hard to choose just one.

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