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24 February 2011

Post For A Living 78 / Window Blinds

I have a serious case of procrastination for the past couple of weeks.
Since I somehow have more time now to go online since ze husband is away, I've always told myself that I can post everything that I have missed out in documenting.

I always postpone it since I kind of prioritize some money-making posts which I don't really wanna mix with the REAL and PERSONAL posts.  I wanna keep it real.

And because I postpone, I tend to forget about it and gets backlogged in a major kind of way..  NOT GOOD.


Anyway, I was in the bank the other day.  Don't ask why.  You will know in due time (procrastination alert!!! Hahaha!!).

You know how banks often have vertical blinds?  But in recent years, banks have turned into using some sort of roll up blinds.

I have this memory of me as a kid.  Straight from school, my mother would pick me up and have my packed lunch ready.  We will ride the bus going to Makati and go down along Ayala Ave then head straight to BPI's main branch in Ayala Ave cor Paseo de Roxas.  What do we do there?  That was a time when ATMs weren't as commonly used as it is now.

So what we would do, we trek to Makati to get the salary from my father.  Take note, with matching passbook!  There would always be long lines so she would ask me to wait in one area.

There were big red couches and big wooden tables with glass tops.  The windows as expected were covered with Cheap Vertical Blinds, you know the white long ones that go from side to side?  I used to play with those.  No, I don't remember being scolded by the guard. 

I do remember people would often look at me and check if I was with someone.  I was never scared of being alone in a crowd.

Would you believe I even got lost in a mall?! Hahaha! That was some kind of experience.  I wasn't even attending school back then.  That story is for another post (second procrastination alert in one post!)

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