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25 February 2011

Post For A Living 79 / Cutlery

Is it just plain coincidence that most of the topics I get are somehow related to the dream we are in the process of achieving?  Hmm... Makes it easier for me to write about and even more interesting for me.

The thing is, I haven't really found the courage to write specifically about it mainly because I don't want the family to know.  Does it sound evil?  In my opinion, it shouldn't be.  it's just the way i want it to be.  I want to be private about it.

Doing my usual roundup of websites and somehow got bored with all the clothes and shoes I've been clipping and fantasizing on, I decided to check out some stuff we could use in the future.  Hint hint.

Cutlery to start with. Even as a kid, I have always been choosy with the spoon and fork I use. I ALWAYS want them to match.  In some situations like during some immersion trips I've been into and in houses where the dwellers simply do not care at all, I manage to swallow my qualms and use mismatched spoon and fork.  Cutlery or knives should match as well.  though I am unlike my father who wants knife to always be side by side with a fork no matter what meal of the day, wherever he is.  I just want them to match.

If you have been following me here and do not get tired of my boring stories and mini-revelations about myself, you would know that I'm quite obsessive compulsive.  I want everything in order.  Even my life and how I handle daily situations.  No, I do not go by the numbers.  I just make sure that every decision I make is a step nearer to the goal.

I do enjoy life and by this I suddenly realize that I am straying away from the topic.

See, I can never ever be a novelist or a professional writer. Hahahaha!!!
For me to be able to write articles or whatever, I need to create outlines.  Yes, there goes the OC-ness in me.

 To say that I am excited to shop for stuff like these is an understatement.  Man, I dream and daydream about it everyday!  I can't stop thinking about it.  I am looking forward into buying these kind of things and actually be able to use it everyday.

You see, even if I give the impression to most people that I am nothing like it, I actually like being domesticated.  And that is a FACT.  :)

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