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11 February 2011

Post For A Livng 71 // Logo

If you have a business, it is only important to have a personalized logo.
 It serves as the brand's identity and it's also a way for consumers to remember the brand.

There are different factors to consider when thinking about Logo Design.
First, one has to think about the color.  Yellow andred are colors that are believed to be having the highest memory retention among consumers.  This explains why most brands use these two colors, Kodak, Jollibee, Shell among others.  That is also the reason why yellow ruled pads are yellow.  Research shows that students are more likely to remember what is written or what is studied when on a yellow pad.

Another consideration would be the concept or execution of the logo.  Does it appear too modern or more on the classic side?  This is important if you have specific target market for your products and services.  You need to create something that will relate to the consumers who are involved in the product.

These are just the two main considerations but really, they are quite a challenge to accomplish.  If you are a start-up business trying to create an identity or maybe an old business trying to rebrand and reintroduce the reputation then what would be better that hiring the experts in creating a logo.  It costs a small fortune but they give promising rewards to improve the brand and gain more profit.

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