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11 February 2011

Post For A Livng 72 // City Vacay

Ze husband left 2 days ago and I'm already thinking of what we can do once he comes home.

Daydreaming of where we can go for a vacation.  Of course, Boracay will always be a choice just so the kids can enjoy the fine sandy beach again.  And I can never resist Boracay.  It's a place I love going back to.  But no way will you make me go there during peak season.  I hate having to share the beach with everyone else.

My idea of beach is like Amanpulo.  Like there are very few people by the shore and no boats docked by the beach.  Hahaha.  But of course, that's kind of impossible unless you own the island or something.  maldives, maybe?

Ok, let's go back to reality.  Enough with beach daydreaming. 

Even as a kid, I've always dreamed of traveling all around the globe and experience different cultures.  Hell, I even once wanted to learn foreign languages.  There was a time when all I watched were foreign language movies.  I wanted so much to live in other countries and not live in hotels but live in let's say manchester apartments.  I wanted to immerse myself with the usual way of living.  But reality took over and I realized I really cannot afford to go to all the places I wanna go to.
I wanted so much to go to Cambodia, Egypt, Morocco, see the Aurora Borealis.  Oh, I can go on and on.  I wanted to go to really exotic places.  Real life took over and I wanted to become a young mom.  So here I am stuck in Southeast Asia.  Hahaha.

Maybe someday soon, I can still go to my dream countries.

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