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19 February 2011

Rihanna Sued by David LaChapelle

Have you heard about the news that Rihanna has been sued by a very popular photographer?

I may have watched Rihanna's concert from way back but it doesn't mean I like her.
There are only 3 songs that I could say I like, one is her first-ever hit (i think?), Pon de Replay.

I loved that era of her.  She wasn't trying to be somebody.  Just making good music.  But then she became too masa, her songs were too popular it irritated me already. With Pon de Replay, she was really just being herself.  See video below

Then slowly, she was sort of being geared up to be the next Aaliyah.  Hell, no!! Nobody can ever replace Aaliyah.  How many have tried?  They never succeeded.

When the song Hate That I love You came out, it was just to sweet of  a song to not appreciate.  I was able to relate to it in so MANY WAYS.

There was a sudden change on how she was packaged.  But of course that's part of how an artist evolves right?  Maybe she was just showing too much skin.  To think she was a hit across all age levels, maybe they could have toned down sexuality a little bit.  But who am I to have a say on that? I am not at all working in the entertainment industry.

The last song I like from her was not officially released, I think.

I just like the beat and how it was arranged.  Sounds different and fresh.  Probably because it was a collaboration?

Moving on, fast forward to 2011.
I thought she wouldn't have a video that can be more racy than Rude Boy.  Ugh, that was too much.
Here she is with another video that's one of the raunchiest ones I've ever seen.

I am not liking it at all.  Not one bit.
And Rihanna is being sued over that video by no less than David LaChapelle.
Ah! Such a talented and quirky photographer.  I adore his shots!
It's said that most of the scenes in the video were copied from his works.

The one on the left is by LaChapelle.  It does sort of copy the original, don't you think?

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