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14 February 2011


Disclaimer: I have never ever purchased anything from Kamiseta.

The reason behind that is I find their clothes too expensive.  Really.  And do not start yakking away with me of how I should support local industry.  Cut the crap. 

Taking a look in my closet (i don't have a walk-in, by the way hahaha), you won't be able to see a variety of brands.  I only have 3 staple foreign brands and a trickle of other foreign brands.  I have 2 pieces of Bayo which I regret buying due to lack of quality.  I have one each from Bench and Folded and Hung which were purchased accidentally. 

So there, the three brands would be one coming from EU, the other two coming from Spain which is actually part of EU. Hahahaha.  You could easily guess that already.  I've loved them since college and they fit me well.  And man, the quality is really good.  I still have everything with me.  I don't mind wearing clothes from previous seasons.  Hell, I'm not at all rich!

But when I saw this teaser billboard, wow, I got excited mostly because she's an A-lister already and I've always loved her since I was in high school.

Just by the eyes and you will know, it's no other than JOEY POTTER!
Hahahaha!!! yes, I've loved her since Dawson's Creek.  She's just too pretty and thin!!
And she has such striking resemblance with Sarah Meier who I love just as much.

Katie Holmes for Kamiseta.  Wow!
That is REALLY something!
I wonder how much they paid her and how Kamiseta plans to take all of the expenses back.

The thing about getting foreign, high-profile models is, do they really wear the clothes?  I mean, I'm sure Kamiseta will be giving Katie Holmes tons of clothing but would she wear it or would she give it away to her helpers? 

I mean, what is Kamiseta versus Lanvin, McQueen, Rag & Bone and all those luxurious brands.
I am not at all dissing Kamiseta, I am just stating a fact.

But then again, this doesn't change one fact, I still won't be buying Kamiseta. 
Not anytime soon.

Not until their clothes fit me well.  Their sizes are big!

BTW, photo was grabbed from here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are so right!!spending a fortune for this model is just so stupid,i mean,not because they hire these foreign models doesn't mean people would cram all over their stores.!wth,i still love folded and hung cause they fit me well!:)