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07 February 2011

Two Movies In A Row

Last Saturday, ze husband and I watched 2 movies in a row which is kind of a big leap because although I love having whole bunch of movie titles with me, I really do not have the urge to watch them all.

I just want them there tucked some place in our house or in my laptop.  The only time I remember having sat down for 5 hours or more was when ze husband and i watched the complete season of Gossip Girl.  That was in 2009, I think.  I really cannot remember.

Recently, I have been getting movies for ze husband to bring onboard.  Oh yes, that dreaded moment is here yet again.  Sometimes I don't understand why we watch pa movies that he would take with him.  Poor him, he's stuck with old movies.

So on we went to watch Everybody's Fine.  Quite a film.. I'm not too sure if it did well locally.

This is one of the movies that me really cry hard.  Although the story or the turn of events were unexpected.  There was a particular scene that really broke my heart.  It was I think the 4th from the last scene when Robert de Niro (the father) purchased an art. 

It is a movie worth watching, really.  Even ze husband loved it!  Now THAT is something.

Now, the next movie we watched was.. do not be surprised...

Hahaha.. so ze husband enjoyed it while I was feeling a little bit guilty for making him watch such chick flicks.  See, it's these little things that make me appreciate him more.  He really doe snot complain and actually enjoy these kinds of movies.

Twelve or 13 years ago, nobody would have ever thought that ze husband will turn out to be like this.  He used to be really hard and tough.  But now, whadayaknow, such an ideal partner he is.

Oh well, two weeks from now, he will be away from my arms again...

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