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18 February 2011


I like shopping for underwear. I get inspired when I shop for undies.  They make me feel happy and desired.
Though that is the case, I am quite picky when it comes to undies specifically with bras.

With panties, the skimpier the better.  The more sheer it is, the better.  Sometimes, my mood tells me to just go for plain nude colors. Really depends.

Found some pieces online which got me swooning..

Agent Provocateur $110 / $90

Now this next one I love because I think it's so rare to find a non-wired bra these days.
Since college, I never liked wearing wired bras.  I feel like breasts look fake with them.  But I know some wired bras are used for support.  But me, I never wanted to enhance my breasts.  I didn't feel the need.  I was sort of okay on that department even if I was thin, I had it.

Now that I have given birth, the more I hate them.  I want my breasts as small as possible.  So I'm really not a big fan of wired bras which makes me like this (but definitely will not buy it. too expensivo when converted to Php)
Calvin Klein $44 / $26

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